Distinctive Coaching | The Two Things You Need to do to Move Forward in Your Career…
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The Two Things You Need to do to Move Forward in Your Career…

You see, many business owners and corporate leaders right now are struggling with having so much to get done, wanting more success and more revenue and profits, and continuing their upward progress, but they’re not happy about the hours they need to put in or the time away from their family or friends.

I’ve been there, and I know how frustrating it can be to know that if you could just find a magical solution for you and your team to get everything done and be ultra-productive, there would be no doubt it was all worth it.

So I want to share with you the three steps that I help my clients with to make that happen. In short order:

–> 1. Get clear on your vision and drive:
Set your income, work schedule and lifestyle goals. Decide what it is that *you* specifically want to be responsible for in your business or line of business – the things that you absolutely love doing.

–> 2. Set your company or team’s organizational structure:
Determine what else needs to be done that you don’t want to do, and the many people you need for it to get done faster, cheaper and better than you’re doing it now.

–> 3. Hire, train and develop them:
Amp up your time-management, leadership, facilitation and delegation skills to develop your people to be awesome at what you need them to do for your company to soar.

That’s how you take time off, cut your stress and multiply your business.

Following this formula, my clients have done just that:

– Cut their work hours by 25-50%

– Grew their businesses by 50-300%

– Created super-star employees who are experts at their job, love their work (and their boss – you!) and continue growing the business

Simple, right?

I know…

“Easier said than done.”

But, it actually can be easy. When you have someone to help you through it.

Helping business leaders make this happen is what I absolutely love doing, and why I’ve been doing it for 12 years as a business and executive coach and 20 years before that in small business and large corporate leadership roles.

I believe you are entitled to have a positive, fulfilling and rewarding business and life that compliment each other.

If you have questions about how that’s done or have had trouble doing it, I want to help you find answers that are custom-tailored specifically for you, so you know they will work.

Let’s connect and talk about your specific goals, challenges and opportunities to move forward and create your ultimate business success.

Click here to contact me and let me know a little bit about where you are in business and where you’d like to go. I’ll do the rest to schedule a time to chat and give you the resources or guidance that I think will help you the get there in the fastest and easiest way.

Your friend and coach,

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