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Are You Just Too Lazy?

I heard something brilliant recently:

There is no such thing as lazy. 


As a business head, how many times have you sat down to work on a project, idea or initiative only to find yourself getting sidetracked by other things or doing research about your project on Google until…. nothing gets done?

And because it happens over and over, you can’t figure out why you’re not moving forward, so you come to the only conclusion you can:

“I’m just lazy.”

But that’s not true.

What’s really happening is that at any given time, you are either in action or not in action.

“Lazy” is just another way to say you’re not in action, because either the steps you need to take or the outcome you want is not clear, focused, value-aligned with your ideals, or there’s an emotional impediment towards the action steps or the outcome and it’s stopping you.

This is called “approach avoidance” – when you say you want something but subconsciously avoid it.

Being not in action means you have a lack of inspiration, clarity, or motivation… which doesn’t mean you’re lazy.

But when we start down the path of telling ourselves we’re lazy, we perpetuate that story even more. We ingrain it and believe it even more. And then we continue to be not in action and see the evidence to support our belief.

And the cycle continues.

Here’s a short list of questions to ask yourself to see where the hang up is for you that has you stuck:

1.) Are you crystal clear on what you want?
2.) Are there any downsides to achieving your desired outcome? Could that be stalling your action?
3.) Do you know all the steps you need to take?
4.) When you imagine yourself going through each step, do you have any fear or uneasiness about any of them?
5.) Are the outcome and all the steps aligned with your personal values? Are any of them causing you angst?

Some people can go through this list and see the problem like a huge beacon.

For others, it may be harder to spot.

Being in action is what separates actual success from just hoping for success.

If you’re having trouble spotting the hang up (or hang ups) that’s stopping you, or you would like some help focusing your vision, uncovering your blocks and creating a plan to get you moving in the right direction, I’d be happy to help you with a Business Breakthrough Coaching Session.

Go here to get the details:

Feel free to email me any questions to: Jason@DistinctiveCoaching.com.

To your success,


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