Distinctive Coaching | How to Put Your Productivity On Fire
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How to Put Your Productivity On Fire

When people ask me what kinds of clients I work with, I’ll often answer:

“You see, there are two kinds of people I help. Those who know what to do but just aren’t doing it, and those who have no idea what to do. And if they need both, I charge double.”

That last part usually gets a good laugh.

Lots of business owners know what they should be doing to make more money and make things easier on themselves, but they just aren’t doing it.

It’s so easy to get stuck, procrastinate or not be clear about how to get into action on one particular item, because we have so much to take care of and lots to do.

But focusing and putting attention on one task that you have trouble getting to, and instead do a little bit each day, is the secret sauce that makes the difference between struggling with the status quo and making more revenue, time ease, profits and opportunities to open up wide for you.

Often, it’s business development – networking, marketing or sales activities that get pushed aside. Or it could be reaching out to vendors to take things off your plate. Or having a coaching and feedback conversation with an employee. Or another activity that will make a big difference in your business…

So let me ask you:

What’s the one thing that you’ve been telling yourself you should be doing, but you’re not?

Imagine if you could focus on doing that one thing for just 10, 15 or 20 minutes a day. What would that do for you?

How much easier and faster would it make achieving your goals?

How improved would your business, your job, or even your health, relationships or mindset be?

So, what is the one activity you’ve identified that would change things for you in a big way?

Take one second to message me to let me know what it is. I would love to hear.

And by sharing that one thing, you help strengthen your clarity and resolve to do it and make good things happen.

To your success,

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