Distinctive Coaching | Meet Jason
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MEET Jason

Are you a business owner or executive who finds yourself low on time or high on stress, and wanting to create better productivity, efficiency and effectiveness for yourself and your team?

I’ve always held dear the philosophy that work is not meant to consume your time or your energy, stymie your natural strengths and abilities, bog you down, or take away from what’s important in your life, but rather work is meant to provide for you, support you, empower you, energize you and reward you.

If this is also your belief – or want it to be – and want to experience it 100%, I invite you to start a journey that will change you, your business and your life forever. Since I started my coaching practice in 2006, I’ve been fortunate to help hundreds of business leaders to make more money and work less hours while feeling more satisfaction, accomplishment and happiness in their work and in their life.

You see, I love my work. And I love seeing my clients get real, tangible, incredible results.

Prior to founding Distinctive Coaching, I held leadership, training and business development roles for Microsoft, Scudder Kemper Investments (now part of Deutsche Bank), Citizens Conferencing (now part of Premiere Global Services) and was a working partner in a restaurant group.

In each of these roles, I was able to experience great work/life balance while being a top-performer as well as coach and counsel to my co-workers, employees and even my managers to do the same.

From these valuable roles, I’ve been able to mesh my corporate leadership and entrepreneurial experiences to help my clients achieve results such as:

  • A business owner was able to cut his work hours in half while increasing his revenues by 105%, dramatically decreased his stress level and made his business fun again.
  • A corporate director solved a complicated set of time-consuming and stressful communication issues with her boss and co-workers, and increased her leadership capacity, productivity and the profitability of her group.
  • A business owner overcame his internal nagging hesitations and fears to better staff his business, as he increased his customer base by 150% and became known as a go-to expert with the media.
  • A company president was able to better systemize her operations and staff, improve her own well-being, relationships and work/life balance while lowering her anxiety and multiplying her $1M+ business by over 300%.

If you would like to see the growth possibilities for you and your business, cut your work hours and live the life you’ve always wanted, call me at 773-829-1276, or contact me here to schedule a Business Breakthrough Session.