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Having a background with over 25+ years of training, speaking and teaching experience gives Jason Rosado the knowledge, expertise and presentation style needed to reach and impact audiences today.

Jason’s passion is providing each audience member attending his keynote, workshop and breakout sessions with the same focus, direction and motivating action steps as if they had just been in a one-on-one consultation with only the two of them in the room.

Jason is a sought-after speaker, trainer and mastermind facilitator in the subjects of time management, leadership, employee development and teamwork – the main areas business leaders need to focus to thrive. He is the owner of Distinctive Coaching for Business Success and has worked in the business development, coaching and training field for over 25 years.

Contact Jason at (773) 829-1276 or Jason@DistinctiveCoaching.com


Jason’s passion as a skilled speaker and facilitator is not only to provide expert information to your organization, but also to create an environment of connection, dialogue and understanding that leads to immediate and tangible business outcomes.


Jason regularly speaks to groups about increasing productivity, employee development, mentoring and training, being a successful and productive manager and leader, building effective teams and organizations, and other related business growth topics which can be customized to fit your company, team or group’s desired outcomes.

Some examples of sessions include:

“Three Cheers for YOU – the Office Hero! Putting the ToWeR Leadership Model in Action”

Employees aren’t born ready to perform at a high level, and business owners, managers and executives aren’t built ready to carry the torch for them. Enter the 3-pillar “ToWeR Leadership Model” to determine what’s already in place, and what needs to be created, added or perhaps just tweaked to get the most out of your employees and your team, as you drive their performance upward, become the boss of their dreams and the hero of the office.

“5x Your Effectiveness: Get More Done in Less Time and Love Every Minute of It”

Business leaders often take on way more commitments than they have capacity for, and then get everything done, turn to “time-management” techniques that don’t work for them or don’t work long-term. Learn this simple “5x System” to get all your work done, increase the quality of your work, and finally master your time, so you can focus on what matters most to you and enjoy it all.

“Create Your Best Business Success Story”

To make this year of leadership your most successful, productive and accomplished yet, don’t settle for the old, tired business goal planning you’ve done in the past, and get a new kind of game plan, a fresh perspective, and exciting strategies to drive you forward. Learn and apply the “5 Keys to Unlimited Success” to create your personal vision and inspiring growth plan for the next 12 months as you tackle the categories of most motivating, important and overlooked areas in your business, and ensure you realize the full potential you have to make it BIG!

These can be tailored as full-day, half-day, 90- or 60-minute workshops or breakout sessions to fit the unique challenges and growth needs of your group.

Jason is dedicated to the success of your event and your attendees, and upon request can provide powerful publicizing tools and resources to drive event attendance and ensure it is an experience that guests will enjoy and benefit from for months and years to come.

Contact Jason here, at (773) 829-1276, or by email at Jason@DistinctiveCoaching.com to discuss your group’s requirements and goals.


“Outstanding event and great presentation. Solid information with actual steps to take…not just theory!!! Great job! I look forward to your next presentation!!”
– Marty R.

“I gained many insights regarding leadership in the current day business environment – what’s workable and what’s not, what’s missing in the effectiveness of my own style and what to focus on changing. It added great dimensions, in a real and practical sense, to the re-shaping of the team in my company.”
– Jane W.

“Jason Rosado is EXCEPTIONAL! He will engage you and hold you accountable to your highest standards of excellence and help you remove barriers that keep you from taking action and getting the results that you want. Jason is highly regarded by his peers and comes strongly recommended by myself and a huge following of other Chicago business professionals! If you are looking for a business coach or speaker, look no further.”
– Leah S.