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You’re supporting your business, employees and clients,
But who’s supporting you?

Have you gone to the leadership seminars, read the time-management books, watched the business development videos, but you’re still working long days, nights and weekends, running yourself ragged and not seeing enough growth?


I know what you mean. I’ve been there, and my clients have been there too.

If You Could Solve All Your Business Problems by Reading Books, Going to Seminars or Watching Videos, Everyone Would be Completely Successful and Happy. There’s so Much Information Out There, and We All Have Access to It.


But there’s more to being successful than digesting information. It takes solving the problem of which pieces of information to use and how to put it into a plan that works specifically for you and your business. One size doesn’t fit all.


Let’s face it; most business owners don’t have the time and energy to read all the books, go to all the seminars and consume all the podcasts and videos, and then figure out how to use it all. There’s too much, and it’s often contradictory.


That’s where business coaching comes in, and here’s what transforms.


I work with you to focus your vision, create a strategy and carry out how you want to experience your business and life in the following ways:

  • We create a plan to grow or expand your existing business and make the revenue and income you want
  • We determine your ideal work structure and schedule, including the hours that you work and that you have off
  • We turn your staff into high performers who powerfully and profitably support you and your business, feel pride and personal investment and stay for the long-haul
  • You spend your time doing what energies you, invigorates you and gets you the best results, instead of keeping on with what it seems like or you think you should be doing
  • You experience pride, satisfaction and excitement while seeing more growth and rewards for you, your business and those who are important to you…

This business coaching system, The Service Business Accelerator, has been time-tested and proven with my clients achieving incredible business growth, productivity and lifestyle improvements over the last 17 years.


To learn more and see if this can work for you and your business like it has for 100’s of other service business owners since 2006, schedule a no-commitment Business Success Meeting by clicking here.


The Service Business Accelerator - Coaching Areas

Unleash your service business’s full potential through the help of an experienced small business owner, corporate leader, energy healer, and mindset and business coach. Let’s double or triple your business, as you build up your team that you love and trust, and enjoy more worry-free downtime. Hundreds have already succeeded with these proven coaching methods – now it’s your turn. Elevate your business today:

Your Business

Company Vision & Directions

This is where success starts – with a clear, inspiring vision of your business for what motivates and energizes you. This includes your revenue model, organizational structure, what you’re doing inside your business and what your life looks like outside. A clear vision bridges the short-term and long-term strategy to make sure you’re working on both.

Strategic Action Steps

Small business owners often get bogged down in the day-to-day activities and don’t create a strategic action plan that achieves their inspiring vision. This plan breaks down the vision into timeframe goals and breaks those down into monthly objectives, and daily and weekly action steps. This way, you and your team know what to focus on each step of the way to see your business scale and prosper.

Organizational Structure

People do their best work when they’re focused on tasks and responsibilities that match their strengths and enthusiasm. Build your organization to fit that then fill gaps of what still needs to be done by shifting people already in-house or expanding or outsourcing duties. A powerful organization focuses on strengths is the key to a highly capable and profitable business.

You as the Owner

Time Management

As the owner, you are the center of your business. Everything flows outwards from you. When you focus on activities that get you the highest return on your time and energy, you change your relationship with time, so you expend less and get more back. This means being at your best – investing time and energy wisely, confidently delegating and facilitating work, being insightful on what your boundaries are, being well rested and taking good care of yourself.

Systems & Procedures

Having the right systems, automations, policies and procedures leverages time, technology and people. It takes less time to do routine tasks, manage employees and hand hold clients (so you can focus on growth). Employees are self-sufficient and know where to find answers (instead of asking you). Clients know what to expect and when to expect it (get better service). Having better systems and procedures creates growth wins for you, your employees and your clients.

Mindset Mastery - Emotional Clearing & Energy Healing

For most business owners, the subconscious mindset including emotions and energy is the #1 challenge in achieving desired growth. Fears, stress, hampering beliefs, procrastination, and so on slow down and stall progress. Optimizing your thoughts and intuition while clearing internal emotional and energetic blocks speeds up and improves your ability to make great decisions, take your best actions and be your best self to create your perfect business and lifestyle. This, to a great extent, is the “secret sauce” for making big improvements quickly for both you and your organization.

your Employees

Training & Development

Highly profitable, growing businesses have employees who are great at what they do. Effective training and development gives employees the skills, motivations and resources they need to succeed each day. This drives their feelings of contribution, value and personal growth, and gives them the ability and desire to make the business flourish.


Lack of employee retention is a problem for service business owners, costing time, money, intellectual capital and growth. Creating simple management practices focused on employee cohesion, dedication, challenge and development stops employees from quitting or getting fired. They stay with you for the long-haul and help multiply the business by leaps and bounds.

Sales, Revenue & Profit Growth

Sales growth is driven by ensuring your sales and client interaction teams have a clear understanding of your offerings and client needs, uncovering untapped opportunities for revenue and boosting close rates by making minor adjustments during consultations. 

Your employees may need to overcome fears of recommending additional offerings to existing clients and become better at identifying potential avenues for growth. Let us guide you through the process of maximizing your business’s potential and see it turn into tangible results. 

Jump on my calendar here to have a discussion about how we can scale your business this year to put you on the path to enjoying more freedom and more profits.

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Business Coaching for the Service-Based Small Business Owner who wants to Double Their Business while having more clarity, productivity and profitability, and enjoy more freedom

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Book Your Free Business Strategy Session

In this meeting, I’ll help you discover the next steps you can do today to get your business exactly where you want – the growth, income, support and lifestyle – and how to do it in less time than you thought possible.


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